Costa Rica Bugs Costa Rica Bugs Moth The way this moth curled up to show those abdomen colors likely means it's caterpillars feed on something that is distasteful or poisonous to predators. They are definitely warning colors! 52381530 Cool Katydid Not much to say, beyond AWESOME! 52381531 Leaf Cutter Ants Leaf cuter ants are everywhere in Costa Rica 52381532 Harlequin Beetle This one bit me and drew blood, but I suppose I deserved it. 52381533 Spiny Caterpillar Guess how this caterpillar protects itself against predators. Would you want it in your mouth? 52381534 Leaf Cutter Ant 52381535 Large Moth I don't know what species this is, but I wonder if it is related to our Zales? 52381536 Awesome Moth See what I mean about the insects of Costa Rica, it doesn't get much better than this! Those huge fake eyes would startle just about anything... 52381537 Moth I think this little moth looks so much like a pig 52381538 Just Another Cool Moth Everywhere you turn, at every light at night, there is another cool moth in Costa Rica. 52381539