New Jersey Butterflies New Jersey Butterflies Coral Hairstreak I love this photo. I love the way the hairstreak is lost in the sea of white lizard tail flowers. Hairstreak's are often found quietly perched on flowers or shrubs. EBBP 6-29-06 52307298 Spicebush Swallowtail These are really beautiful large butterflies. EBBP 6-29-06 52307299 Buckeye I really like the way the yellow in the hindwings of this buckeye matches the yellow in the flower. EBBP 6-29-06 52307300 American copper Check out the way the spots on the butterfly match those on the leaf. I wonder if this helps the butterfly evade predators? Helmetta, NJ 52308386 Painted Lady This might be one of my favorite butterfly photos. The butterfly is awesome against the blue sky. East Brunswick, NJ 5-10-07 52308387 Leonard's Skipper Look at this beautiful skipper. Leonard's is a very late season butterfly and while pretty local in terms of distribution, can be found near extensive stands of Andropogon. I had read that it was attracted to tall purple flowers, and sure enough it was easily found on both purple loosestrife and thistle. 9-08-09 NPS Delaware Water Gap, PA 52570282 American Copper WOW! Not much more to say about this beautiful little butterfly. I mean look at those incredible fire orange colors. 9-08-09 NPS Delaware Water Gap, PA 52570283 Orange Sulphur It was cloudy and fairly cool when I found this butterfly tucked down in the shrubs. They are very common, but also a really nice looking butterfly. 9-08-09 NPS Delaware Water Gap, PA 52570284 Clouded Sulphur Look at the way this butterfly has tucked itself deeply into the day lily flower and matches the flower color so closely. You have to assume, it derives some protection from the similarity of the colors while nectaring. East Brunswick Butterfly Park 7-03-09 52570285 Black Dash This cool skipper of swamps caused me to decide that I really hate beavers! While chasing this skipper down, I slipped into a very deep pool flooded by a beaver that was so deep it topped my waders. But I did get the photo! NPS Delaware Water Gap, PA 7-29-09 52570286