When Bad Things Happen to Good Bugs https://www.bugaddiction.com/apps/photos/ When Bad Things Happen to Good Bugs Cicada Killer Check out this awesome Cicada Killer! It was trying to drag these cicada's into a crack in the steps in front of a house, but most of the cicada's were too large to fit. The females search tree trunks and lower limbs for cicadas. The wasp stings the cicada, turns the victim on its back, straddles It, and drags it or glides with it to the burrow, or in this case the crack in the steps. It then lays an egg in the cicada which will then become the food for the wasp larva once it hatches. The larva feeds on the cicada's insides until only the cicada's outer shell remains. This is probably not a pleasant way to go! One day you are a happy cicada buzzing about the trees, the next, being eaten from the inside out... https://www.bugaddiction.com/apps/photos/photo?photoID=52136553 52136553 The Praying Mantid Wins While monarch butterflies are nicely protected from birds by toxic steroids that are known as cardenolides and that are sequestered in the caterpillars from feeding on milkweeds and then are passed on to the adults, they apparently aren't quite as successful at repelling praying mantids. I'd say this one goes to the mantid. https://www.bugaddiction.com/apps/photos/photo?photoID=52136554 52136554