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I think that it would be interesting to learn more about why other people are addicted to insects (or, as I think may be appropriate, arthropods).  Please share an anecdote so that we can get to know each other better.

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People recently told me that I seem to find insects and arthropods more interesting than actually human beings. 


I have been known to break off mid-sentence and wander off in pursuit of whatever just flew past. 


I carry a buttefly net and a killing jar in my car at all times. 


I encourange entomophagy by having parties where insects are the main course. 


With the exception of my ferrets, I prefer arthropod pets.  They are cooler.

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I've always been interested in nature and liked exploring the woods where I grew up.  It wasn't until my son, shortly before his third birthday, developed an overwhelming fascination for bugs that I became somewhat addicted.  (I say somewhat addicted because I have yet to eat an insect...that I know of.)

My son is now 6, and still as obsessed as ever.  We spent a lot of time going around to different parks (or just our back yard) looking for bugs.  It's hard to say which one of us gets more excited about a cool find.  Sometimes I hear him outside screaming and I think he's being killed, but when I rush out to save his life I learn that he's just caught a great spangled fritillary or a green tiger beetle and is really, really excited. 

I, too, keep a net and at least one jar in my car.  You never know what will be on  your windshield when you come out of the grocery store.  My son has a backpack with all of his bug gear in it.  We go through several butterfly nets each summer because he tends to lose them.  The neighbors probably think we're crazy because periodically we spread sheets under the trees and beat on the branches with big sticks to see what bugs we can find that way.  We usually have bugs living on the kitchen counter--this summer we had a praying mantis, a toe biter, several monarch caterpillars, and over a dozen tobacco hornworm caterpillars. 

Needless to say, we have a lot of fun.


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