Posted by David Moskowitz on September 20, 2009 at 5:40 PM

Fellow bug this in your town! Show those on the straight and narrow what is flying around at night. Maybe they will think twice about the random use of pesticides around their homes, or maybe it will completely freak them out once they know that the night really IS filled with unusual creatures. It's probably a crap shoot but loads of fun either way. Try the sugaring too, it is fun to make, works great and is the perfect excuse to have a beer (if one was ever needed!)...

There are loads of secret recipes and sugaring is centuries old (There have been bug addicts throughout history!).

My recipe is a mashed banana, two really dark beers (one for mixing, one for drinking), 2 lbs of dark brown sugar and sometimes a shot or two of dark rum (one for me, one for the mixture). Mix it all up, put it in tuperware and let it ferment in the sun for a day or two. Then simply paint it on some tree trunks with a paintbrush around dusk and check it out from time to time at night with a flashlight. Approach slowly and try to keep the light indirect. You'll be surprised how many insects are attracted at night.  The best nights are those steamy thunderstorm threatening kind in mid-summer, but even in winter when temperatures are above 50 or so, this can work.

(A word of caution though. The next day it will be attractive to bees and other insects, so be careful about getting stung)...

Here is the link to the Moth Night I ran the other night in East Brunswick, which has now become an annual and VERY well attended event.   

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